What's a Gemini to do...BLOG January 24, 2012

For this past year or so, I have been working on 4 (FOUR) projects at the same time. This must mean that I am a double-Gemini (as in, Double chocolate...), since each Gemini posseses two personalities. As a result, it felt now for a while like NOTHING is happening, even though I could hardly be more busy or working harder. Well, I guess this is the year when everything is bound to come together, to ripen, to bear fruit, what have you. Hopefully, there are enough buttons on this new site of mine for everything! :-)  And just to make sure that I don't get bored, I have now also jumped head first into all the new tools available (ok ok a little slow off the mark here..) - getting this website where I can communicate with everyone and update as needed, signing up for Bandcamp (maybe I don't need it...?), soon learning to post on Word Press, creating Facebook pages for all the projects, oh my, lots of tigers and bears in these woods! Hopefully, the result will be interaction with people that are interested in some of this music and projects. Yay! can't wait to learn all these new toys (tools?) and join the ranks of modernity!
Ciao, see you soon!

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