Thieves of Dreams, a  multimedia theatrical concert. A JUNO Award-winning album. A poetry book. Altogether:

"a marvellous synergy of communal spirit rooted by ancestral fortitude meeting with adversity." 


The songs are based on poetry that Lenka's grandmother, Anna Hana Friesová had written down in two notebooks while imprisoned in the concentration camp Theresienstadt (Terezín).  Some were the works of others, some were her original words. Altogether, these poems seem to have provided her solace, companions helping her escape from the grim reality. They tell us what was on her mind, in her heart - which was mostly concern about relationships, love and loss, but also dreams of faraway places. 

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Audience and presenters testimonials

"This was a richly layered, deeply poetic and moving performance...with the music’s refusal to descend to the depths of darkness and despair...wide range of musical styles and voices with a rich tapestry of timbres heard from the combinations of different female voices, piano, violin, bass guitar, strings and more..."

SS, audience member, Montreal


“A terrific performance! The show is really special and I hope you find many more venues to present it.” 

Eric Stein, Artistic Director, Toronto Ashkenaz Festival 


“A moving and beautiful musical tribute. The concert was a polished and creative feat of story-telling, performed at the highest level. 

Cynthia Weinstein, Executive Director, Congregation Dorshei Emet, Montreal 


“It was such a special program and I am so glad we had the opportunity to present it. We have received excellent feedback.” 

Dara Solomon, Executive Director, Sarah and Chaim Neuberger Holocaust Education Centre, UJA Federation of Greater Toronto

thieves-of-dreams-audience-and-presenters-testimonials-2.docx Thieves of Dreams is a powerful, immersive stage show. Read what people say about their experience. 11.4 KB

View / download Thieves' BOOKLET!

28-page booklet Introductory word; all translations (from Czech to English); original Czech poems from 1940-1945; original artworks by Milli Janatkova 4.53 MB
6-panel album sleeve credits, photos, etc. 2.06 MB