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from Thieves of Dreams:

4-minute electronic press kit about the project (EPK)

Chtěla jsem tě proklít, hořká zemi /  I Wanted to Curse You, Bitter Land

Kam jsme to zašli? What is this place?

Čekáme kdesi na konci aleje / Waiting at the end of an alley

Miracles / Togetherness (Zazraky in Czech)


Other videos:

A nay kleyd  - a new Yiddish song

L’espoir - a hopeful song for dark times

Raise A Cup of Joy / the weightless mix

Beautiful artistic video by Lumir Hladik for Dancing on the Titanic (October 2016)

Introducing Yiddish Journey - 3-minute EPK with all-live excerpts (February 2016)  
watch it here

Lenka Lichtenberg & Fray - in concert in Los Angeles: Angel Mine (January 2016)
watch Angel Mine here

Zum Gali Gali (Peace is the Only Way) - official music video (December 2015)
watch this beautiful video here!

Aleynu - official music video  (March 2015) 
Watch Aleynu

Lullabies from Exile  in concert (September 2014)
watch live clips here

PROMO video by UNIKRON (2014)
watch 3-minute promo here

Live video "Danse Suite Macabre" (2014)
watch it here

Live video from Glenn Gould Studio concert  (2013) : Laska, Boze, Laska
watch it here

Open My Eyes Peripheral Vision Remix - video by Julian Meli, remix Andrew McPherson - Eccodek. (2014)
watch it here

Live video from Lula Lounge (2011):  Wedding Songs
watch it here