From the recording Open the Gate / ouvre la porte

music and lyrics Lenka Lichtenberg


I still believe (with love, we’ll make it)
1. Well, what to do, when nothing’s certain
the world will never be the same
Assassins grin behind the curtain
Waiting for cue to strike again

2. And here we are, like in a bubble
That any moment is gonna burst
Melodramatic body double
Reveals the truth to be the curse

Chorus I still believe, with love, we’ll make it
Set pandemic madness on the run
Though apathy’s deep and who’s gonna shake it
So roses would grow from barrels of guns?

I still believe, all hope hasn’t faded
For those building bridges, West to East
Maybe naïve, but better than jaded
Sparkles of grace contain the beast

3. While at the stake the meek are burning
who cares what’s really going on
Might’s always right, we’re quickly learning
Phoenix’s birth, or, Armageddon?

4. Compromised questions, violent answers
Jingling the keys to Pandora’s box
once unleashed, it spreads like cancer
Killing for peace – a paradox?