1. Bohemia

From the recording Open the Gate / ouvre la porte

Lyrics and music by Lenka Lichtenberg


verse 1 18 Maiselova Street, close your eyes and listen well
thousand years of hurried feet, this is where they used to dwell
thousand years of hurried feet, voices hushed their stories tell

verse 2 River brought the foreign caravans to the market with their wares
trading goods often their only chance to start a new life anywhere
peddling goods often their only chance to make a living anywhere

verse 3 40 generations came and went: doctors, councils to the kings
many dirt poor, many learned men, walls kept them out, kept them in
separate in clothing, in beliefs, walls kept them out, kept them in.
kept them in

Chorus 1. Bohemia, Bohemia, end of my wanderings, I am at home
Bohemia, Bohemia, what will the future bring, who could know

verse 4. Take a walk at the old cemetery, crowded graves under the trees
Names of greatness, found poetry; jagged tombstones’ memories
Leave your pebble, make a wish, and flee: Rabbi Loew, rest in peace

Verse 5. Lacy window repeats aleph bet; yiddish song the children sing
Eyes of Kafka never seem upset at the loud tourists, let them in
What’s gone is gone, there is no debt, behind the glass whispering
Relics of life, lingering
Relics of what’s been, still still still

Chorus 2. Bohemia, Bohemia, once living side by side, we were one
Bohemia, Bohemia, I understand your pride, nobody won
Bohemia, Bohemia, you will be there for me, if I’m down
Bohemia, Bohemia, silence - my destiny, moving on
Moving on