From the recording Open the Gate / ouvre la porte

Music and lyrics by Lenka Lichtenberg.


Wings of Eagles lyrics and music lenka lichtenberg

verse 1 wings of eagles, wings of doves
wind of freedom, wings of love
soaring ‘bove the tallest tree
to a place where I’ll be free
soaring like a rhapsody
fiddles’ aching melody
wings of eagles, wings of doves
take me away

verse 2 birds of feather, birds of prey
dancers swirl the night away
breathless girls all dressed in red
steamy air, and beads of sweat
fire shooting up a spark
men’s eyes glisten in the dark
faster, faster music plays
dance, dance away

Bridge Dance, oh dance the night away
My glass is always half-full
Even sorrow strangely beautiful
Dance, dance, dance the night away

verse 3 Heavy wagon, heavy cart
heavy legs and heavier heart
Road to freedom has no end
For those who will never bend
No one can destroy my pride
My zest for life – though many tried
Heavy wagon, heavy heart,
Take me away
Fire burning in the night
Sing for me and hold me tight
Wings of eagles, wings of doves
Take me away