From the recording Fray


The golden peacock yiddish : simcha simchovitch
english text, music lenka lichtenberg
1. The golden peacock’s flown away
Tempted by exotic lands
One thousand days all painted in gray
Fallow mind, idle hands

2. And after years of trepidation
Unexpected dance on my hips
colourful inspiration
powerful song on my lips

Goldene pave come back to me
touch me with your rainbow wings
Only with you is my life worth living
Only with you my heart sings

3. gekumen iz di goldene pave
tsuflien fun fremder vayt
kh’hob yorn lang gevart oyf ir
in troyer, in benkshaft tsesheydt

4. un s’hot di pave fun merkhakim
gehert mayn tfile, mayn gebet
un tsurik gekumen tsu heyln
derfreyen s’harts fun poet

Bridge : What’s the matter, silent one, Do you really need someone,
Who will make you want to live, shake you, break you, make you give
Trust the power in your heart, uncover what’s locked away
It’s all there for you to start - On your way

7. yiddish chorus : goldene pave, entsike traye,
kum, bavayz zikh mir tsurik,
shveb and zing in geflater
dos alte lid fun troyer, dos alte lid fun troyer (un glik)

8. english chorus : golden peacock, hear me calling,
put your rainbow wings on the shelf
don’t you worry, i’m not falling,
I found my own way out by myself.